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Asbestos Inspections

  • What if Asbestos is on the walls on my house?
  • Should I Remove Asbestos Myself?
  • Is asbestos Safe for my Family?
  • What Could it Cost to Remove Asbestos?
  • Can Asbestos be Found in Ceilings?
  • Can Asbestos be Found in Floors?
  • How Long Will it take to remove Asbestos?
  • What Can i do to remove asbestos from my Property?

Asbestos Hidden Under Stairs


Asbestos Hidden Under Tarps

A home inspection for Asbestos is a Must in a lot of Sydney pest and building inspections Homes.

It involves a thorough visual inspection of the sub floor, roof void interior, exterior, and other areas of the property.

An average house takes anywhere from one to two hours to complete.

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