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Depending on size of property and type of Inspection Cost is From $399 to $999.00
We Provide PREMIUM – Infrared Inspections.
In the following areas Campbelltown | Camden | Penrith | Liverpool | Parramatta | Hills District | Blacktown | Castle Hill | Blue Mountains. 

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Tyson Wolker
Tyson Wolker
Ken inspected a house for us to check for major/minor defects and pest problems. He made the entire process easy, working with the agent and by the next day had sent us the full report. Ken explained to us all the minor and major issues with the property showing us the detailed images of defects. At face value the property looked like our dream home but we soon realised there was a lot of work that needed to be done after Ken took a very thorough look at it. Would certainly recommend Ken to anyone that wants to feel confidence in the home they are buying.
Waty Lukman
Waty Lukman
This is not the first time I have to look for house inspection services and was only making enquiry at first and Ken absolutely blew my mind at first phone call. No one compares to him! Impeccable, no bs guy, straightforward, very very detail, he would go all nooks and crannies and provide solutions/recommendations/estimate costs of repairs to resolve the issues should you wish to proceed with the house purchase. Speaking to him, you can tell he had decades of experiences and very passionate in this field. His report helped me greatly in making the best decisions on the property. Guys, dont go anywhere else if you are serious about your investment. You do not want someone who just quickly looked at your property and do generic reports for cheap, only to have the house crumbles later on after purchase! I highly recommended Ken and wish he would travel interstates to look at my other house! 🙂
Angela McPherson
Angela McPherson
Came at very short notice and got a detailed and helpful inspection report to us quick-smart. Would definitely recommend.
Ming Yeung Kong
Ming Yeung Kong
Ken is extremely thorough and helped us to understand the current condition of the property. He helped us to dodge bullets and traps. The written report is detailed and on point. This is my second report with Ken and there is nothing I can complain. Highly recommended.
curtis chan
curtis chan
Ken and Jason are very nice, helpful and professional. Their p&b report is very detailed, giving me a great insight of the property and some good recommendations as well. Luckily I have them checked out the property before putting down my deposit, because they found out a lot of problems, among all, termite damage in the property is serious and I finally decided not to go on with the purchase. The report saved me from a really bad and unfair deal, if I have to get a p&b report again these guys will be my first priority.
Denise Haddrill
Denise Haddrill
This is by far the most professional and thorough building inspector I have used. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and informative. He provides a comprehensive photograph report to accompany his written report. He goes above and beyond
Adam Kanj
Adam Kanj
Ken is your man !! when it comes to your pest and Building inspections,Look no further,ken and his team know there stuff,excellent report with very good outcome,thank you Ken,I highly recommend anybody looking to do a pest and Building inspection
WOWW!!!!!! Ken is the best in the industry! HIGHLY fastidious AND meticulous! Over 200 photos taken in Glen Alpine. My agent was in shock at how detailed he was! Texts you straight after, rings you the next day to go over the whole report. Gives advice and available for tips. Can’t thank you enough thanks Ken!!! ❤️??
Rachel Marino
Rachel Marino
Ken was amazing, he helped us out last minute. He did such a thorough job on both build and pest inspection. We got messages and phone calls with photos on things that needed urgent fixes and all other photos was sent in email with report. He's very fast, professional and trustworthy. I wouldnt use any one else
Diana Bee
Diana Bee
Thanks so much to Ken. He was able to provide a thorough review of the property in its entirety within a very short timeframe. He even took the time to run through the report over the phone with us and took the time to ensure that we were fully across any issues.
We do a Combined Building And Pest Inspections

This Will Include all the Normal areas we cover. We will also inspect: With a Infrared camera - To View the Timbers in the walls - Locate Potential Termites and any Electrical Faults.

Its Your Choice for the Right Building And Pest Inspection.
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Premium Pest And Building Inspection

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Inferred Pest And Building Inspection

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Electrical Pest And Building Inspection

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Timber Pest Inspection

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Swimming Pool Inspection

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We Find It All


We are your local - Liverpool - Penrith – Parramatta – Blue Mountains – Campbelltown – Hills District - Pest and Building Inspection Experts On COMBINED BUILDING & PEST INSPECTIONS

We have Local Inspectors that Live and Know the Areas.

Don't Ignore Your Pest and Building Inspection Needs.

Our pest and building inspection reports will identify any current or past problems with all areas of the property.

We will also advise you on any other unwanted pests such as rodents, cockroaches and any other insects. You’ll get a full detailed report this will help you be informed of any current, past or potential future issues.

At Sydney pest and Building Inspections Sydney pest and building inspections we go the Extra mile, so if we can help you sort out your property inspection then contact us today as we are just phone call away.

Contact Us to arrange a Pest and Building Inspection Today – Call  1300 465 494

Right Job For The Right Price

Buying a Home is a Large Investment.
We offer a price that suits the current cost of buying a home, we take our time and only do 3 Inspections a day, we wont to give you peace of mind and real savings on you next home Inspection purchase.

Specialized Inspectors

Our Inspectors have years of local knowledge, on all types of pest and Building Inspections, we will advise you on any damage and or possible termite problems.

Complete Satisfaction

We wont you to be happy with the Inspections we do. The primary objective of any Inspection is to minimise and/or eliminate any hidden problems on your home inspection, and any risk of termites, or any termite activity.

Service Areas

Safety is an important factor in any Building Inspection.

  • As a longtime Inspection Company Servicing The Sydney pest and building inspections and Sydney.
  • We understand the Risk Of UN-SAFE DOWN LIGHTS.
  • Because we understand how UN-SAFE bad down lights can be.
  • We offer a pest and building inspection that will give you peace of mind.
  • Don't get the wrong inspection get one you can trust and knows the Sydney pest and building inspections areas.
  • Partner with Sydney Pest and Building Inspections and we will look after all your Inspection Needs.

Efficient Inspections

We will complete an Efficient Pest and Building Inspection and locate any hidden possible termite damage in the Sydney pest and building inspections, Campbeltown, Penrith, and Liverpool Local Areas.

Reports With Photos

Get peace of mind from knowledgeable pest and building inspector

We will inspect any and all visual Faults.
Identify safety hazards and major defects.
Identify live termite, old and new timber pest damage.
Identify lack of maintenance and repairs.

What Should i do If the inspector Uncovers many faults?

  • What if Termites have eaten my house?
  • How Long Could I wait to Treat Termites?
  • How Much Damage Can Termite Cause?
  • What Can Attract Termites to my Property?
  • What Could it Cost to Replace Termite Damage?
  • How Long Will The Treatment For Termites Last?
  • How Long Is The Termite Warranty?
Expert Advice

Over 25 Years in all areas of the Bankstown or Southerland industry.

Reports Within 48 HOURS

Receive a detailed report, by email within 24 to 48 hours, or same day we can give a verbal on your inspection.

Inspections That SAVE You

We get the job done the right way and confirm with you about every area of your inspection.


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Its Your Choice for the Right Inspections,We Uncover as many faults as we can, so you don't get any nasty surprises later. Please call us on 1300 465 494

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Pest and Building Inspections are Professional House Inspectors. A Pest and Building Inspection report will help you with your negotiations […]


We Take up to 200 Photos a inspection so you get the RIGHT Job

Our Inspector’s are providing you with expert eye’s