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Swimming Pool Inspections


Pool Gate Not Closing

  • Pool fence must be 1200mm high.
  • Pool fence must have no rusting.
  • Pool fence must have no missing screws.
  • Pool gate must open out away from pool.
  • The pool area must display a (CPR) Chart.
  • Pool Pump Should Have No Leaks.
  • Pool Gate must self close and self lock.
  • Pool fence must be clear of any Climb Risk.
  • Pool Housing should be water Proofed.
  • Gap at the bottom of the fence no more than 100mm.

Pool Tiles Missing


Testing For Pool Pressure

A home inspection for a Swimming Pool is a Must in any Sydney pest and building inspections Homes.

It involves a thorough visual inspection of the pool areas of the property.
An average pest building and pool Inspection can take anywhere from one to two hours to complete.

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